I'm Shane, and I like to be a doer.

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Who am I?

I'm a software engineer at Google in Mountain View, California. I recently graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, where I did research in Machine Learning and studied Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, and Nanotechnology.

What do I do?

At Google, I work on internationalization (i18n) libraries: in particular, the open-source International Components for Unicode (ICU). Over a billion devices run ICU, ranging from Google products to the iPhone to many other systems. I presented on some of my work at the 41st Internationalization and Unicode Conference. I also developed a machine learning classifier for Burmese font encodings, helping to bring Google web search to the country of Myanmar. I built a location framework to help users in developing nations find rendezvous points. Currently, I'm a collaborator on the Google Code Jam. I have been involved with competitive programming since attending my first ICPC at WashU. In Fall 2015, I taught WashU's class in competitive programming, CSE 232. I also maintain Octave Online, a tool that helps thousands of people from all around the world use GNU Octave.

What have I done?

For two summers (2014 and 2015), I was an intern at Microsoft in Bellevue, Washington where I worked on Cortana. My Master's thesis for WashU was entitled Applying Bayesian Machine Learning Methods to Theoretical Surface Science, based on work I did in the Computational Activated Materials Laboratory. My work was published in the 33rd International Conference on Machine Learning and The Journal of Chemical Physics. My research advisors were Cynthia Lo and Roman Garnett. I also worked for a summer in the M&M Lab with Robert Pless. Also at WashU, I served as a teaching assistant, Student Union senator, and president of WashU ACM. I redesigned CSE 330: Rapid Prototype Development and served as student instructor in 2013. I played alto and soprano saxophone in the Slanderous Saxes quintet and the WashU Pops Orchestra. I helped organize the second WUHack hackathon (now known as ArchHacks) with UPE. Before WashU, I attended Whitfield School, where I developed the Aeneid online student magazine.

What else do I like?

I perform with the Stanford Saxophone Choir, the Google Sax Quintet, and the Google Orchestra (Goorchestra). I developed Card Creatr Studio, software for developing card game prototypes. I am a member of several board game groups and helped organize Protospiel San Jose. I like Dominion, Macao, and many others. I'm developing one of my own called Amusement City. I like to travel, and I have been to 34 states and 8 countries. I like to try new things. I like to come up with new ideas and see them through implementation. I enjoy photography as a hobby; whenever I go someplace new, I bring my Leica T along for the journey. I like history and visiting museums. I like to play my saxophones, piano, The Chapman Stick, and Native American flute.

More Information

Check out my web development blog as well as my profiles on GitHub, Google+, LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, BitBucket, and Flickr. You can contact me at shane.carr@wustl.edu.